Truly a Festival

Many wine events have continued to grow and are billed as festivals because they include more than just wine and food. Entertainment as well as arts and crafts are also showcased while wine and food remain the focus of the event. Combining all of these different elements is a way to include the interest of as many people as possible. This ensures vendors will have a large audience for their products, and the festival atmosphere makes people more likely to purchase items.

Event coordinators arrange entertainment at festivals to heighten the atmosphere. The entertainers are as diverse as possible to appeal to a wide audience. Street performers, such as jugglers and single musicians, often roam throughout the crowd. Their contribution is to project a festive atmosphere as they entertain. Local bands are showcased at these types of events. Not only do the musicians get a paid chance to perform, they also have an opportunity for locals to hear their music. This may lead to more bookings for them, and they are happy to participate.

Artisans and craftsmen have always been associated with festivals and fairs. They generally go to as many local events as possible to show their wares. Some of these talented people have attended a number of festivals and give practiced demonstrations that please crowds. Getting their name and abilities known is often part of their presence. Some do sell items at the fair, but garnering future commissions is their main reason for attendance.

Wine tastings have become full-blown events and festivals because they serve an important function. Vendors need an opportunity to showcase the products they sell, and buyers are seeking a chance to learn what products are now available. Adding entertainment and artisans to the mix makes an already pleasant event more memorable. It helps promoters keep the festivals going on a yearly basis.